The Support Team and Helpdesk

The provision of a high quality support function is a key area for Abritas. We believe that by delivering a top quality support service through a knowledgeable and professional team we are able to clearly differentiate ourselves from other software suppliers. Our focus on this area is reflected by the consistently positive feedback that we receive from our clients concerning our helpdesk staff.

First line support is provided by a dedicated and knowledgeable team in the Abritas office. Second line support is provided by our team of software developers, and third line support is provided by our most experienced technical team leaders. No third parties are involved in any part of our support service.

All support calls are logged in our support tracking system which is used by all of our staff involved in the provision of support.

In 2016, 100% of customers surveyed were extremely satisfied or satisfied with the level of support that they receive from Abritas.

Support Policy & Targets

Given the business critical nature of the systems we provide our clients need to be confident that we will respond to support issues in a timely and professional manner. Our procedures and targets are therefore clearly set out in our Support Policy document. We monitor the performance of our support service daily and we consistently beat our SLA targets.