Project Implementation

Implementing a new ICT system can be a large undertaking and it is important that your chosen supplier has a proven track record of delivering systems on time and to budget. We believe that there are two key factors in delivering your project successfully; having the right people to manage the project, and having a proven methodology to drive the implementation.

The Project Management Team

Abritas has a professional team of highly experienced project managers who are dedicated to implementing systems for our clients. All of our project managers are permanent Abritas employees and are thoroughly familiar with our software modules. Moreover, through their experience of implementing our systems for over 200 clients, our project managers understand the issues and concerns that may arise for you. By drawing on our knowledge of best practice throughout the housing and social care sectors our project managers are able to help and assist you throughout the implementation process.

Our methodology

IT project governance has emerged as one of the most vital corporate responsibilities. With technology being critical to most organisations, the ability to maintain close management and board control over major IT projects throughout their lifecycle has become a deciding factor in determining which organisations thrive and which founder. In response to this challenge, PRINCE2 project management has emerged as the world's leading methodology for ensuring that IT projects stay on track and deliver real value. Used in full however PRINCE2 can be overkill for medium sized projects. Abritas has therefore taken the most appropriate elements of the methodology to create a highly tailored and effective approach to implementing our systems.