Our approach

As a provider of web based business systems Abritas recognises that an extremely high quality hosting service is critical for our clients. Since our modules often become the main business system used by our clients' staff it is essential that the hosting service is very reliable and fast. A failure in this area could have a significant impact on our clients' ability to deliver their services.

Given this context it is imperative that you are completely confident in the hosting service that you are being offered by your ICT supplier. Abritas has over a decade of experience in providing hosted systems to local authorities and we have developed a business model which we believe results in the most reliable possible service.

Partnered with Equinix and Digital Realty

Our approach involves eliminating the middle man. Rather than outsourcing to a "hosting company" we partner directly with two of the UK's market leading data centre providers. We own servers that are co-located in their state-of-the-art data centres. This means that we have maximum control over the quality of the service that we provide to you.

With information technology at the heart of business, the infrastructure that supports it has become increasingly important. But creating and maintaining a secure, resilient, highly-connected data centre environment can become a costly distraction from your core business activity.

As data centre specialists, our partnership with Equinix and Digital Realty can improve the availability and performance of your applications, provide greater security and offer your end-users a better experience.

Dual Hosting Environments

We maintain dual hosting environments in geographically separate locations in order to facilitate recovery in the event of a disaster.