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Solihull Community Housing choose swapandmove as best online MX provider

Mutual exchange is a facility Solihull Community Housing is required to offer its tenants and as such needed a programme which was effective, easily accessible and simple to use. 

Rather than waiting on a transfer list, tenants can actively search for the right home for them. Mutual exchange can be a much faster way of finding a new home, and is becoming increasingly popular for tenants as it gives them access to a larger number of properties.

“In the past Solihull Community Housing have operated with systems which haven’t been particularly user-friendly for either the tenant or staff and as a result we had to spend time trying to resolve issues with the site or offer technical support.  The same, I’m pleased to say cannot be said about swapandmove. It was instantly evident to me that this site was designed to not only look visually pleasing, but also to navigate easily and most importantly to enable the tenant to drive the mutual exchange process with little intervention initially from Solihull Community Housing officers, consequently freeing up resource.” 

Whilst the tenant ultimately drives the exchange, the information that can be extrapolated also helps to identify tenants who are under-occupying or over-crowding and therefore enables negotiations and exchanges to be facilitated on a tenant’s behalf. 

Once partnered with swapandmove, Landlords are provided with attractive and effective marketing materials to assist with the promotion of swapandmove to tenants.

“The marketing materials we have been given access to have proven very useful with several thousand leaflets distributed to tenants, resulting in a surge of new applications. I have personally been involved with the mutual exchange process for the last 3-4 years and can honestly say that swapandmove have certainly proven to be the best provider – they have delivered exactly what they promised.”

Marie Fulbrook | Neighbourhood Services Admin Manager
Solihull Community Housing