Standalone Mutual Exchange



The swapandmove App is now available to download on the App store and Google Play, free of charge. All of the valuable features of the swapandmove website have been replicated in the Apps so that users can have full use of the functionality, as per the website.


swapandmove is the innovative and cost-effective home swap service from Abritas, offering your tenants local and national mutual exchanges.

The swapandmove website has been designed with one purpose in mind - to allow people to easily find possible swaps. The modern, friendly look and feel of the website sets a new standard in the market. This is coupled with comprehensive back office functionality to allow landlords who wish to take a more pro-active approach identify matches for individual tenants.

This is a separate stand-alone system but does interface to the Government's Home Swap Direct scheme. Tenants registered for Home Swap Direct will also appear as potential matches on swapandmove, further enhancing their chances of finding a suitable swap.

Landlord benefits include:

  • Value for money
  • For all Landlords regardless of size
  • Comprehensive back office functionality
  • Full reporting suite
  • High quality support helpdesk
  • Automatic renewal of tenant accounts
  • Attractive marketing materials
  • Automated photo approval and profanity checking
  • Clear Product Roadmap
  • Easy to migrate tenant details from old supplier
  • Home Swap Direct founder member

Tenant benefits include:

  • Modern and friendly look and feel
  • Possible swaps displayed immediately
  • Easy-to-use messaging between tenants
  • Regular email showing new matches
  • Easy-to-use search with filters
  • Use of interactive maps
  • Automated renewal of tenants accounts

It is a subscription based service so landlords can easily subscribe from as little as £99* per annum and then provide access to all of their tenants at no further cost.

Please download the brochure on the right, or call 0800 170 1102 to arrange a demo.